Seersucker Cottage Interior Design

I’m designing everyday to feel special like vacation + cozy like stay-cation

I’m designing everyday to feel special like vacation + cozy like stay-cation


Interior Design for California + Carolinas + New England

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About - Airbnb Interior Designer

Meet Arryn


As a girl, my family moved a lot.

Packing and unpacking, we lived in small towns across new england and out west. These small-town memories gifted me with the scent of wild lilac bushes outside my window, canoe paddling skills unmatched by any other girl scout, and penny candy in glass jars that filled tiny paper bags. Moving wasn't always fun, but I learned to adapt, put down roots fast, and make friends easily.

Each summer, no matter where we lived, we went to Maine where our grandparents had cottages (coastal colloquialism: Mainers call those “camps”). The adults lounged on the dock calling everyone "de-ah" and playing scrabble. Grampy taught me to fish standing in a row boat, pretending the lures stuck in the trees above weren't mine. Those long summer days in Maine are my childhood anchor and, even now, I feel most at home on the water.

Summer memories are a soundtrack of nostalgia. For me, it's the loons through the mist rising off the lake, knees tucked inside a sweatshirt watching the last embers glow in the campfire, the gentle tap of boat bumpers on a dock, and the ice cream truck music in the distance.

Every one of us has nostalgia for childhood summers. Your guests do, too.

That nostalgia is a feeling of vacation, not the location of vacation. My passion is creating a place where your guests can feel something so their memories are embedded alongside your Airbnb.

These days, like my childhood, home is a place where my memories live. Because, there, it's simple, sweet and on the coast.

Just like a cottage.