How A Cottage Got It's Name


At just over 800 square feet, my Hermosa Beach, CA bungalow beckoned for a moniker. In a childhood filled with books, every girl had a home with a name: Orchard House, Green Gables, Tara, and Little House.

These homes were characters among the pages, reflecting the story of a spunky female protagonist inside its’ walls. It wasn’t conscious, but an intuition that the cottage needed a name as relaxed and easy as the beach towns of Southern California. It was here where every friend mentioned how it was like stepping out of California and into Cape Cod each time they came to visit. This little New England styled bungalow on the Pacific Ocean is the inspiration for Seersucker Cottage.

The name became a representation of the joy felt in that home on the coast. I left the cottage in 2017 with a heavy heart, but with the inspiration of a brand to bring that joy and breezy lifestyle to others. Seersucker Cottage is an Airbnb Interior Design studio furnishing and staging vacation rentals inspired by all the home represents. When now I source inventory and understand the ideal renter for a property, I picture those sun-bleached beach cruisers leaning on the whitewashed stucco.

I can almost taste chilled wine enjoyed with friends on a patio where outdoor gauzy curtains billow. I hear the music from the kitchen  and laughter sprinkled from inside. It’s these scenes tinged sweet like the last moments of a pink sunset dipping into the water which inspire this design brand. When a brand has a foundation upon connection and wholeheartedness, the world is your oyster.

So, dear readers, I’m ready to shuck.