the original cottage


Hermosa Beach, CA

Hermosa Beach, CA


Sun bleached beach cruisers leaned on the cottage steps while friends clapped sand off flip flops and leave them at the door. Inside, the wine chilled, a playlist looped and laughter rang. Memories of my first cottage are tinged sweet like the last moments of a pink sunset dipping into the Pacific. 

At just over 800 square feet, my Hermosa Beach, CA bungalow beckoned for a moniker. In a childhood filled with books, every girl had a home with a name: Orchard House, Green Gables, Tara, and Little House. These homes were characters among the pages, reflecting the story of a spunky female protagonist inside its’ walls. So, it was that this cottage needed a name as relaxed and easy as the beach towns of Southern California. Seersucker Cottage was born.

Arryn at the beach in front of Seersucker Cottage


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