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Interior Design For Airbnb + Vacation Properties

Short Term Rental Interior Design Services


Style Optimization For Your Rental Listing

Seersucker Cottage works alongside each property manager or owner to determine which of our coastal aesthetics and styles is right for their ideal rental market, budget, location and timeline. We take it from there: whether it’s a new listing without a single utensil or it’s been a successful rental for years and needs better photography staging or a paint color consult. With retail and all vendors selling only to trade, we source furnishings, hardware, electronics, lighting, rugs, accessories, linens, art and decor to style the vacation property from top to bottom or just a little. The Seersucker Cottage principal designer is onsite at the property for installation along with needed vendors for electrical, assembly, fixtures and paint when needed or can discuss remote e-design options for many of our services.


Our Airbnb Interior Design Process

Investment Property Interior Design Services

Step One: Select A Service

Once you have your short term property or investment home, determine the extent of furnishings and style needed. See our services for descriptions of each service: Full Design, Partial Design, and Staging to understand how much support the listing needs.

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Step Two: Select A Style

Seersucker Cottage differs from other interior design firms with only three styles to choose from. See our three styles in detail and gain insight about look, feel, and vacation vibe created for your renters. Once a client selects one of three styles, we work within that look and based on timeline, budget and service selected, we take it from there!

Short Term Rental Interior Design Services

Step Three: Schedule A Call

Seersucker Cottage offers a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to answer questions or review what you have interest in for a service and style. From there, we discuss next steps and determine if Seersucker Cottage is right to furnish and stage your investment property.