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Airbnb Set Up And Style From Empty To Furnished

the complete design

This service hands off every set-up detail to Seersucker Cottage after a consultation taking empty space to exclusive retreat in no time. Based on one of the coastal looks, we begin reviewing measurements, fixtures and paint, sourcing furnishings, purchasing/ordering, arranging shipment, staging and removal of any current items. This involves a combination of Seersucker Cottage staff and stylist on site work. Due to onsite work effort, discussion in advance of scheduling and location is required. This service covers up to 15 hrs. of consultation time per room.  In the event more time is required we will initiate follow up through extension retainer.  Service time per room is a combination of time spent on site for meet ups, walk through, taking measurements, client interfacing (via email, phone, text) and includes receipt of deliveries, set up, assembly, staging and haul away (trash / debris). This service does not include 3-D renderings currently. Outdoor area does not include landscape design or planting.  Outdoor area refers to the staging and design for seating, lounging, entertaining based upon the existing hard and softscape. Only the dominant outdoor area will be developed by our designers, such that if a home has both a front yard and backyard, then only the yard that is prescribed for entertainment will be developed. Seersucker Cottage uses a project based flat fee for professional services. Airbnb design project fees for this full service option start at $3775 and scale up from there. The flat rate project fee is based on the size, rooms and space, subcontractor requirements, travel costs, timeline of the project and current state of the property. Furnishings are at additional costs and are sourced and approved prior to purchase.  Hourly consult is not available, though if you have a custom request, send us a note and we gladly will discuss what option works for you.


Airbnb upstyling linens, floors and windows, decor and accent furnishings

the partial design

This service entails Seersucker Cottage working with the property manager / owner to understand the listing’s ideal guest and recommend one of our three coastal design styles. There may already be furnishings and decor in place at the listing that fall within this style and can be used. We may recommended to store, re-purpose or remove other pieces for additional space, photo appeal to the listing or style cohesion.

Additional furnishing, linens, decor, lighting, rugs, and window treatments are sourced budget dependent, to align with the ideal guest appeal. This styling option may include sourcing furnishings, ordering, styling, and staging. This option is self-styled and entails time and effort to receive furnishings, remove and/or store existing pieces, and provide detailed photo documentation of the current condition of the listing.

This service covers up to 4 hrs. of consultation, sourcing and/or installation time per room. Service time per room includes virtual walk through, measurements, client meetings (via Zoom, phone, email), furnishing and decor sourcing, purchase, style and staging plans. This self-styled installation, unless otherwise discussed and scheduled, is responsibility of the property manager / owner and is exclusive of assembly, storage, or debris removal. Get ready for photos to get clicked as your listing is up-styled for Airbnb Plus worthy occupancy. Professional fees service start at $1995 and scale up from there.


it’s the little things that make a difference to your vacation rental occupancy

staging: remote

This option is for the vacation rental owner who has furnished the vacation rental with basics and looking to add one of the Seersucker Cottage Vacation Coastal Vibes for increased listing views and bookings.

Remote staging through this service entails Seersucker Cottage detailed photo and listing review and questionnaire, along with client phone consultation about ideal guest, goals and timeline. Using the inspiration of one of our proven styles, clients are provided a Self Staging Plan.

This includes color consult, sourcing guidebook, self staging plan, a photography prep plan and tailored shot list for working with your photographer.

This e-Design package for self staging offering fee starts at $375 and scales up based property size, rooms and space, and desired sourcing extent.



Hourly Consulting Services



Airbnb Interior Design consulting is also available on an hourly basis for specific short term projects with a minimum of three billable hours. Requests are contracted based on schedule and cohesion to Seersucker Cottage style options.

  • Vacation Rental Hourly Consulting

  • Listing Photo Consultation

  • Source Your Furnishings, Accessories + Decor

  • Purchase Your Furnishings, Accessories + Decor

  • Find + Hire Your Professional Photographer

  • Contract A Social Media Influencer

  • Project Manage + Stage Photography Session

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Time To Schedule A Discovery Call With Us!